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Quality add-ons that make Dynamics NAV better

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The DynamicsPath Difference

  • Experience powered design

    Both functionally and technically, our products are experience-powered.  Deep experience with NAV enables us to identify high-impact areas for improvement or extension.  We design add-ons that leverage base NAV functionality in ways others have not even considered.  Our add-ons do not break or compromise base NAV processes.  We know how to complement NAV, not circumvent it.

  • Quality

    We are proud of the structure and code behind our products.  We have not cobbled together bits of custom functionality from past projects.  No code has been outsourced to low priced subcontract organizations.  DynamicsPath add-ons are reliable and easy to interpret for partners that want to customize on top of them.

  • Rapid and low-cost implementation

    We provide tools to automatically integrate our add-ons into NAV databases quickly and easily.  There are no components to configure outside of NAV.  Implementations are simple and straightforward.

  • Comprehensive support

    We have an absolute commitment to fully support our reselling partners and end customers to ensure they are happy with our products.  Partners that sell DynamicsPath add-ons go on to sell them again and again.  Our products work well and are supported well.  Our reseller relationships reflect that.

Simply better NAV

It isn’t just a tagline.  Our products simply provide a better experience for NAV users; simply better functionality and capabilities.  Some of our add-ons handle requirements that would normally require hundreds of hours of customization time.  Other products enhance NAV so much that we believe they should be in every Dynamics NAV database.  Nothing excites us more than seeing the increases in user capabilities and productivity that our add-ons deliver.  With DynamicsPath enhancements, it really is a simply better NAV.